Zaragoza, Spain. 2017


Ejercicio de bajar metro y medio los muros de un parque.

I went to Zaragoza as part of XII ASALTO. This year the festival was focus on Valdefierro, a neighbourhood in the outskirts of Zaragoza. This area was built around 1950 by immigrants from Extremadura and Andalucia. At the beginning was completely improvised; they created their houses without any urbanization plan. Nowadays it’s possible to see that starting point but mixed with new buildings which generate a beautiful contrast; streets like mazes, people sitting and chatting in the street, small houses next to 5 stories buildings, old walls built with different recycled materials, plots between constructions, also a big park made of massive concrete walls surrounded by tiny trees on dry ground.

This last place was the one they offered me to work on. It was a challenge because it wasn’t just a wall I should play with the whole space, trying to make it more interesting and habitable. Due to its orography this park is full of tags, graffiti and other spontaneous ways of expression. Neighbours are a bit pissed off with this situation because it isn’t a pleasant place they don’t even want to walk the dog.

I can understand why most of people hate those kind of free expressions but in my opinion they are meaningful, all those small, spontaneous and sloppy graffiti together form a interesting statement about what it is going on, love, hate, ego, etc also I like them from an aesthetic point of view . That is why I decided not to buffed them out and respect them.

I didn’t have so much to do using paint, that park needed a bulldozer to redesign its structure, after a while I realized that I could paint a wall on it self but smaller, in that way I would get lower every wall a meter and a half looking for introduce more sky in the park. Taking advantage of this situation I also would blur every edge in order to make the space less aggressive.

The main problem was that the sky has a lot of different kind of colours depending on our point of view, weather, times of the day, different seasons... I decided to create a playground, in that way people can walk around checking when the sky start melting with the walls and when it works like an abstract installation.