About benchmarks

El Pozo de los Frailes, Spain.


This week I´ve been staying in a house in Cabo de Gata, Almeria. Because the topography of the area is quite mountainous, most of the houses are built on slopes. The house I am in is located between two streets with about a two floors difference in height between the upper and lower streets. I realized that because of this difference the layout of my house is different relative to my neighbour's point of views. Seen from the street above, Fernanda’s place, I enter my house on the ground floor and sleep in the basement; seen from the street below where Domiciano lives, I sleep on the first floor and enter my house on the second floor.

Yesterday as I walked by Fernanda´s house located on the upper street, I noticed that one of the facades had just one, strangely placed window to help further illustrate the interesting phenomenon. Seemed to me that the root of the problem had to do with points of reference. For this reason I added two more windows to the house, but rather than put them on a level plane, I added them parallel to ground below them, which in this case was ta slope. if every neighbour follow this benchmark all of them would live at the same level as well as it would be a nice exercise to encourage “transversality”.

The only real window is that found in the bottom left-hand corner, Fernanda’s ground floor who doesn’t want to hear about “transversality”, but something is changing because construction has started on a new house on the upper street, Fernanda is now facing the fact that in no time she will be living in a basement.