Rethinking goals

Castilla y Leon, Spain, 2017


Following the line of previous series modifying everyday use structures I went to my village looking for rethinking “my old goals”. 
Since I was child I have been living surrounded by goals, in my school they were small, symmetric, made of iron, red and white, almost all people played some game using them. I thought in the high school goals would be different but the only thing that it changes was the colour, same size, same weight, same shape but blue and white, all my friends kept playing using them as a goal. 
When I went to the university, goals weren’t so evident, you should go to a specific place in the university to find them, although they kept being identical than in my school and the high school. 
After I finished my degree goals weren’t surrounding me anymore, you should take your time to look for them if you were interested.
I think it’s good, once in a while, rethink about goals, here you can find the result of my last quest.