Stavanger street art-bus

Stavanger, Norway


Normally I paint objects on surfaces, this time I put a surface on an object.

I had the chance to be part of Nuart’s project with Kolumbus. The idea was to reimagine a bus, reflecting on its essence and the basis of public transport.

While we developed this project I was in Laos. Almost every day I took a bus in all its variations: local, sleeper, big, small, old. This made me realize that I have seen buses everywhere I have been - from the poorest to highly developed countries - and all of them have something in common; this is most evident in Argentina where buses are called “colectivo”. This word means ‘collective’ or ‘group’ and I think it’s quite meaningful, after all public transport works because of a community, people with same interests creating a ‘net’ in order to be stronger and more efficient, combining efforts.
It’s a fact that the more developed a country is the more individualistic its people are. This makes sense because it’s not necessary to share in order to have things.

I love wicker, the colour, its shape and mechanical properties. Camaron sang that he thought of himself as wicker because even when swayed by wind he would stand firm. Even so I like wicker more as a group, interacting with other units of wicker; it’s like life, small fibres stepping over and going down being stepped over by others.

Balance is the key: if you only step over or only go down it’s impossible to intertwine. However, if you build relations with other people, which means ups and downs, winning and losing, stepping over and going down then, at the end of your life you get a basket.

Thanks James and Martyn for pushing me to be more rigorous. Thanks Christian for being so helpful and kind.