UPV. Valencia, Spain.


I went to Valencia for Poliniza dos festival; the spot for my intervention had some specific features. It was located in the main facade of an institutional building with palm trees and some flags.

When I lived in India I had enough time to think about the idea of being killed by a coconut. It sounds a bit frivolous but I spent almost 2 months under coconuts seeing how they fell down really close to me, I was so paranoid about this issue, that is why I started checking the sky all the time, at some point I realize the way palm trees grow up.

The youngest palms born from the highest part, the top centre of the trunk, they point at the sky and their only duty is to get light, rest and enjoy supported by the ones under them. These ones, a bit older, produce coconuts (or other fruits) they are in charge of making a success the palm tree, they are working population. Under these the oldest rest, waiting for the moment to fall down after passing throughout all the previous phases, sometimes pushed down by the coconuts produced by the palms over them, the productive adults. When this moment take place and they leave the tree they will free a piece of trunk, around 5 centimetres created since their births in the top, a entire life to create 5 centimetres of trunk in order to make the palm tree higher, getting more light and then being more vigorous than others.

After some years new palms will be too high forgetting where roots are, the trunk will be so tall but at the same time weak, being exposed to wind and other elements. Finally it will fall down or cut because is too dangerous.

This palm tree is inflatable and artificial; it could be eternal. The youngest palms will never annoy adults. No one will suffer seeing how the oldest die (it is turned around to avoid oldest and coconuts falling down) and adults will never work, kind of utopia, but next year it will be buffed out for the next Poliniza dos festival.

Picture by Quique Sempere. Valencia, Spain. 2017

Picture by Quique Sempere. Valencia, Spain. 2017